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Cinderella Phenomenon: The Otome Game That Killed Me
j montomgery, princess mithian

So, I just got this game called "Cinderella Phenomenon" about a week or so ago. It's this otome visual novel game where in you play as the crown princess of a kingdom who goes from royalty to poverty. Hence the name of the game. At first I just found the game a little interesting, but when I actually played it I nearly destroyed my laptop in frustration.

This game is really good, don't get me wrong. I love it and I have enjoyed experiencing the story. The plot twists, the music, the art and the plot itself was fanastic! I just wish it did not make me cry so much.

S P O I L E R S A H E A DCollapse )

If you haven't played Cinderella Phenomenon, I totally recommend it. And if you do intend to try it out, you can find it on Steam and on itch.io!

I recommend playing the routes in the following order if you want a nice build-up for the plot.

  1. ROD

  2. KARMA


  4. FRITZ

  5. WALTZ


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